What is Floorball


Floorball is an exciting new sport brought to Australia by Europeans who played the game in Sweden and Finland. Floorball is a fast paced game with three to five person teams + goalies (the IFF standard is 5 on 5 plus g, but this can be modified for social competitions), that began in early 1980s in Scandinavia. Since then, it has spread to more than 30 official countries. More than 250,000 official players participate worldwide. It’s one of the most fastest growing indoor-games in world.

The game is simple: the object is to score a goal in the opponent`s goal using the Floorball stick. No physical contact is allowed and players may not raise their sticks above their waists. Floorball has been called a thinking man´s game, with skill and technique more important than brute strength or intimidation.

Players may not have contact with opponent´s sticks except at the blade area, and pushing or blocking opponents is not allowed. Small teams allow for substitutions, which are encouraged because of the fast pace of the games.

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