The Basics


When starting floorball the main things to look at are:

You have a top hand and a bottom hand on the grip, if left is your top hand then you’re a rightie and if its right on top, then you’re a leftie.
Most players are lefties in Europe, however in Australia most of them are right handers. An even balance of lefties and righties in a team is advantageous.

Your top hand is dedicated to stay on the stick otherwise you get really tangled up, tackled easily and learn the wrong technique for most skills.

When tackling other players, go for the ball. A swinging style tackle will be considered slashing.

When shooting and passing, most of your power comes from behind your back foot as you stand side on to your target. Starting your pass or shooting near your front foot will cause the ball to rise.

When shooting or passing remember the ball is just 23 grams, a mobile phone is 80 grams, it doesn’t take much to move this thing.

If the ball is even a couple of cm off the ground, get used to using your foot, definitely do not bang the ball down into the court as it will bounce even higher.

Most important of all, don’t forget to have fun !!!

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