Some Rules


International rules of floorball can be found from homepage of International Floorball Federation

Here are few simple basic rules to make the game comfortable and safe.

  • Pushing
  • Floorball is a non-contact sport
  • High stick
  • Keep the blade of your stick always below your waist
  • Hitting, lifting and holding your opponents stick
  • Doing this will give the opposing team a free hit
  • Jumping
  • When reaching for the ball, keep at least one foot on a ground
  • Header
  • This is not soccer, do not use your head (or hands) to reach the ball
  • Slashing
  • Try to use your skills, not force. To get the ball be careful not to injure anyone by slashing with your stick
  • Misconduct

Lets behave and remember to have fun!


Continue playing
Just play on if referee shows this. Example: If your goal wasn’t really a goal and no faults were conducted even if someone is loudly protesting.
Face off
When both sides are innocent. Example: When the game starts again after the rink boards has fallen, game had to be stopped while fixing them.
Free Hit
If you break the rules your opponents get a free hit from the place ref is pointing to.
You have the ball anyway and you’re in good position, so there’s no reason to stop the game and give you a free hit, though someone did break the rules.
Penalty Minutes
Count the referees fingers to find out how many minutes you have to calm down on a bench while your team mates has to play with one man less on a field.

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